Complete Guide to Vlookup, Index Match and IF Statement, Apply Now

Complete Guide to Vlookup, Index Match and IF Statement!

Complete Guide to Vlookup, Index Match and IF Statement!

In-depth guide, with multiple examples, to learn everything about the Vlookup, Index Match, and IF formulas!

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What you'll learn

  • Basics of the Vlookup formula.
  • Basics of the Index Match formula.
  • Basics of the IF formula.
  • Real world examples of the Vlookup, Index Match, and IF formulas.

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course Description :

  • The Vlookup and Index match formulas are used in almost all data analytics positions. These formulas alone will put you far ahead of the competition and, quite frankly, make your job way easier. Understanding lookup formulas is key to aggregating data efficiently and effectively.
  • The IF statement is the bread and butter logic formula that provides the foundational understanding needed to dive deeper into programming and general logic. The if statement is used almost as much as the lookup formulas and, most of the time, in tandem with the lookup formulas.
  • This course will make you an absolute beast in all of these formulas. Join me in conquering these core formulas! You will not be disappointed and you will be well on your way to becoming an Excel expert! With just these three formulas, you will be able to do 95% of your job, and personal, tasks. Let's do this!

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